Ariana Grande - Focus
ソラ. 8 timer siden
Clary Fray
Clary Fray 8 timer siden
Santa, he won't be here this year because of Corona.
הלל מור
הלל מור 8 timer siden
אני חולה עליך שיר מדהים 💪💪🤩 את הזמרת אכי טובה בעולם מגניב בתרוף
ソラ. 8 timer siden
Mina 8 timer siden 😲
angeline arriesgado
angeline arriesgado 8 timer siden
2020 Christmas 😋 Here I am
Brendon Mariano Alves
Brendon Mariano Alves 9 timer siden
EU QUERIA PODER APERTAR GOSTEI VÁRIAS VEZES AAAAAAAAA Esse clipe é uma obra cultural mainstream
ro 9 timer siden
December of 2020?
Disha Singh
Disha Singh 9 timer siden
What us rhe meaning of subside here?
Ariana: *high notes* Me listening with headphones: I think my ears are broken..
Disha Singh
Disha Singh 9 timer siden
What is the meaning of permeate here?
MIRIAM Ohaion 9 timer siden
Saeeda Qausar
Saeeda Qausar 9 timer siden
Her song is like covid-19 singing to us people.
M V 9 timer siden
who's here in December
pia t.
pia t. 9 timer siden
I just realized what the lyrics meant... 34 35... equals 69 😭😭😭😭 took me a whole week 😭
Diogo D
Diogo D 9 timer siden
i’m here after seeing that Ariana x Mariah collab 😭💕
Jose Monsiour Agustin Ramos
Jose Monsiour Agustin Ramos 9 timer siden
Why does this sound wholesome?
נועה לוי
נועה לוי 9 timer siden
שיר מהמם ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
os mac
os mac 9 timer siden
Jhenifer Layne Garcia Ferreira
Jhenifer Layne Garcia Ferreira 9 timer siden
aí love music aí love ariana grande ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
sha Grande
sha Grande 9 timer siden
am i just realised theres a statue on top Ariana?
Arianator 9 timer siden
Lets hit 1 B likes
Anglitu TechTM
Anglitu TechTM 9 timer siden
Sorry to bother you, if you've ever thought about getting your Instagram or Twitter account verified. Please send a dm to @ mr_poster07 on Instagram. Congratulations in advance. He verified my account @anglitu3
Aesthetic Lyrics
Aesthetic Lyrics 9 timer siden
Watch the lyrics Cover Version
Margo Ritoz
Margo Ritoz 9 timer siden
3iel pdro
3iel pdro 9 timer siden
See also "Te Olvidare" that See also "Te Olvidare" that you will love
Aesthetic Lyrics
Aesthetic Lyrics 9 timer siden
Watch the lyrics of Position Cover Version
rehan khan
rehan khan 9 timer siden
GoT tHe NeIgHbOr YeLlInG eArThQuAkE
Jenyn Sones
Jenyn Sones 9 timer siden
oh my god she’s such a bad singer, I can sing better then her!! 🙄 She’s so over rated..
Jenyn Sones
Jenyn Sones 9 timer siden
Let’s see how many people came to attack me 😃 (This is a joke)
Penelopa Vaysalska
Penelopa Vaysalska 9 timer siden
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 9 timer siden
At the end it's snowing meaning Ariana as president helped *stop climate change 👏* Before anyone gets mad: it's a joke! However, if certain things were illegalised by the government, it would force people, companies, etc. to be more environmentally responsible, which our planet would definitely benefit from! There's also way too many humans on this planet, but that's a whole topic in itself.
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale 9 timer siden
This music video is the *actual reality of Jacinda Ardern (Prime Minister of New Zealand).* She be running the country as her husband takes care of the house.
RM's Dimples
RM's Dimples 9 timer siden
I can't unhear Nayeon's voice
WhatChuuKnowBoutMe 9 timer siden
All these people not realizing there are people who are NOT listening to this in Christmas 2020 because they're not around anymore. Smh, naïve comments for the likes. I said what I said.
NXnGMXee 9 timer siden
I’m waiting mv this song
Cassandra Condeno
Cassandra Condeno 9 timer siden
When 5-minute crafts have more subscribers than famous Holywood singers 👁‍🗨 👄 👁‍🗨
David Amora
David Amora 9 timer siden
I love Kris Jenner
PARK SOHUI RIJ 9 timer siden
Who searched christmas songs in 2020 december and found this :) (Or u searched this song up 😂)
Caleb Walkowiak
Caleb Walkowiak 9 timer siden
69 😏
Marielle Almadovar
Marielle Almadovar 9 timer siden
Clyde Pehilan
Clyde Pehilan 9 timer siden
Whos here coz of oh santa ft AG and JH
Ryxn私は 9 timer siden
Indo sni kumpul kita reunian🗿
Black Panther
Black Panther 9 timer siden
Ayessa Shaia Morilla
Ayessa Shaia Morilla 9 timer siden
cute dude:i like your hair me:gee thanks just bought it him: so its....a wig?
JAMILA 03 9 timer siden
Hello 2020?
Aespa edits
Aespa edits 9 timer siden
Since when did ari know how to do splits :0 me shookifff
J E N A L I 9 timer siden
Hi guys .. I'm a biggener music producer & i will be so happy if you guys watched my first beat I've been uploaded & give me your opinion .. Thanks for your time ♥️♥️
Lara Loncar
Lara Loncar 9 timer siden
I love you Ariana Grande
iSeeYah 9 timer siden
One NOpostr: "the only time the f word is used as the six word is only 1 percent" That one percent:
Arienne Mhae Garcia
Arienne Mhae Garcia 9 timer siden
1:45 UwU
Kevin 330
Kevin 330 9 timer siden
Lyrics are complete trash😂. Oh no my ears are bleeding
Krisna Nugraha
Krisna Nugraha 9 timer siden
Meresahkan anjim klo muncul di tiktok
Dimple Bansal
Dimple Bansal 9 timer siden
Best song to hear before Christmas*̣̥☆·͙̥❄‧̩̥࿌ིྀ྇˟͙☃️˟͙࿌ིྀ྇‧̩̥❄·͙̥̣☆*̣̥
Sabrijdhf8 rkgnkrnd Jeplin
Sabrijdhf8 rkgnkrnd Jeplin 9 timer siden
I love it i love ariana grande
L bloxter
L bloxter 9 timer siden
W tym teledysku zachowują się jak małpy
Anne Nicole
Anne Nicole 9 timer siden
omg she's so pretty
SUPER GIRLS 9 timer siden
You are my life
Mateus Mendes
Mateus Mendes 9 timer siden
Manuh Gomez
Manuh Gomez 9 timer siden
Me diz que tem alguém da América Latina aqui tô me sentindo sozinha
gyan gyan
gyan gyan 9 timer siden
0:55 whatchudoinstepbro!!
Teaaaspilzzz Oop
Teaaaspilzzz Oop 9 timer siden
Everybody in the comments on the song mr loverman: The fact it can be: I’m mr loverman and I miss my lover, man. OR, I’m mr loverman and I miss my loverman. Arianators on 34+35: THE FACT IT CAN BE LEAVE IT OPEN LIKE A DOOR CUM INSIDE IT OR, LEAVE IT OPEN LIKE A DOOR COME INSIDE IT IS JUST MWAH CHEFS KISS (No offence I love both songs)
Nulev Revep
Nulev Revep 9 timer siden
The gigantic moustache superficially roll because router findingsinitially need amid a quirky sleet. hesitant, wonderful rocket
biblical 9 timer siden
I’m not a diehard fan of hers, I’d hardly consider myself a fan of hers I listen to some of her songs but anyone who disagrees that she is one of the greatest female vocalists ever is either completely delusional or just wrong. No one of our generation is even in her league in terms of pure vocals.
Lisa Fraser
Lisa Fraser 9 timer siden
Damn I love this song
bruno ryan
bruno ryan 9 timer siden
Shikha parashar
Shikha parashar 9 timer siden
Ari looks cute 😄❤️
pallabi koch
pallabi koch 9 timer siden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 timer siden
anna!! 9 timer siden
hey arianators ;)
Aris _ Honey World
Aris _ Honey World 9 timer siden
Who is here in the year 2020 😂❤️
Kokaioh99 9 timer siden
The amount of comments saying they "just realized it is about sex" goes to show they're too young.
Connor OFTB
Connor OFTB 9 timer siden
Yea it literally says fu** me till the daylight lol
Nikola Ignjatovic
Nikola Ignjatovic 9 timer siden
whenever i'm tryna do some dope drill music, firstly i listen to her lmao
Asikelelwe Rhoda Qinga
Asikelelwe Rhoda Qinga 9 timer siden
Tayyab’s legit Lit times
Tayyab’s legit Lit times 9 timer siden
When Ariana wearing pink closet he’s in nicki part and comes for a second she looks like barbie
bts is kpop stans punching bag
bts is kpop stans punching bag 9 timer siden
My phone volume:↗↘⬇↙⬅↖↔↔⤴
a c
a c 9 timer siden
Ariana: I can barely breath Me: Corona😱
yas saz
yas saz 9 timer siden
Ariana was giving out medals to the USBS because they were heroes in the pandemic. They were out delivering much needed packages to people in quarantine.
Maliha Faisal
Maliha Faisal 9 timer siden
jonliuvic Arambulo blink
jonliuvic Arambulo blink 9 timer siden
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros 9 timer siden
I just came for the chorus B-)
9 timer siden
뮤비 만든놈 나와 아리아나빔 오지게 지져버려
hend bahri
hend bahri 9 timer siden
lanaaa.... u didnt need to come at us like that